New Super-Man Vol. 2: Coming to America Review

Hello again, dear readers! The 2nd volume of one of DC Rebirth’s most underrated but still very much worth reading comics on the stands right now – New Super-Man: Coming to America not only exceeds the original, it also expands upon the story, themes as well as fleshes out the characters in exciting ways. So, the New Super-Man, Bat-Man and Wonder Woman of China are being congratulated for their victory against the antagonists from the previous volume all the while preventing a catastrophic plane crash. There’s an obvious pattern that keeps emerging, for example in Superman Returns, the Man of Steel caught a plane by the nose and landed it in a baseball field. In the pilot episode of Supergirl, Kara caught a plane in mid-air and safely landed it in the sea, whereas in the last volume Kong Kenan his allies worked as a team.


Our three heroes then attempt to investigate what happened to Kenan’s parents. What I loved about this volume is that each of our three heroes are developed and fleshed out a lot further, but you will have to read it to understand what I mean. The Bat-Man of China must prove that he deserves not only the cowl but the mantle of the Bat, and there are even several big moments regarding China’s Wonder Woman but I dare not spoil it for you.

Most important of all, New Super-Man continues to test his new powers, strengths, pitfalls and abilities to become a better hero under the guidance of Master I-Ching. At around halfway through the volume and especially when it comes to big and flashy action set-pieces is when artists Billy Tan and Viktor Bogdanovic get to flex their artistic muscles and where writer Gene Luen Yang really excels the most by writing his characters and taking the readers on a non-stop twist and turn filled thrill ride. Nothing beats New Super-Man, the Big Blue Boy Scout himself – Superman – makes an appearance as does China’s own speedster, Avery Ho who fights China White and her triad as well as horde of interdimensional demons!

Another noteworthy moment is something that long time DC fans will appreciate is a homage to Superman and The Flash challenging each other to race to prove which one of them is the Fastest Man Alive but the panel pictured above kind of subverts in the sense that it depicts both Kenan and Avery testing their speed in that way and unlike veteran heroes Superman and The Flash, Kenan and Avery are still finding their footing. (pun intended!)

As you read through the rest of this volume you will find there’s lots more to appreciate, so enjoy, be surprised and entertained so after you finish reading, you will be begging your local comic store to add this to your pull list if you haven’t already or trolling the internet to get your hands on the next volume!

It’s a must-read.

9.5 / 10

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