Suicide Squad #27

Suicide Squad #27: The Secret History of Task Force X (Part 1). With this series, it really makes me grateful that someone like myself gets to not only review, but admire and learn the work of a creditable story teller Rob Williams. As the title suggests, the series tells us about the secret history of task force X, and I feel that if I didn’t give spoilers I’d only be beating around the bush, and give a short blunt review – which certainly wouldn’t do this series justice, so I have decided that spoilers will be included in this review!

For most people, given research I’ve done personally – people seem hesitant with Suicide Squad, so it immediately tells me that within the DC Universe, the series is potentially going in underrated, but by now we should be hooked, and we are; it was very early on that we literally had our own Amanda Waller Brain Bombs exploded with the content we received. What you have to remember with this series is that you want to keep the identity of comics to its own individual personality. You don’t want a patterned version of the film, it is it’s own series about finding more in depth about the personalities of the individuals that make up Suicide Squad, and that true great films really come as adaptations from strong series, and that’s what we have going on here – a really well supported area in DC, rapidly growing in popularity, all thanks to Rob and co. I’m truly glad Williams is the captain of this ship, and as you can tell by the tone – I’m amazed at how happy a single issue series can make me, as it never fails to hit all of the right senses. With that being said, let’s review!

To start with, we quickly see who task force X is.. to name drop, aka Suicide Squad! The artwork is fantastic as we see boomerang in awe at superman in his cell, seeing hero’s go about their daily work – the pencil work very easy on the eye, something I’ve expressed before can easily go under-appreciated, I don’t like the easy get out of jail free pc drawing cards, I appreciate the hand eye co-ordination of vast shadows showing emotion, the dwelling, the unsettling – as it really helps set the scene given Suicide Squads background!

Moving on through the story slightly we find that Katana is actually the leader of Suicide Squad, and not Harley Quinn, due to Waller being ever so slightly possessed previously! Now this is the bit I really appreciate – the fact you can easily picture the next few scenes in your mind as a small scene from a potential future movie. We see all the characters that make up the task force, small amounts of their backgrounds but with good detailing, the colour schemes being used really defining every aspect of what we should be feeling, the cold dampened cells, holding back the masterfully criminal.

The next few scenes move on to breaking up this small scene, with the entrance of a really small … dare I say it .. ‘Stark’ type robot droid type thing. I’m sorry for the Marvel reference – it was painful for me too… but we can move on as deadshot, easily shows us how it’s done by putting it down in a ‘Flash’ … see how I rescued that with a DC reference.. yeah, okay I’ll stop. Any how! We see as many of us should already know that deadshot is Wallers personal body guard, and that it comes with its perks. He is her golden eye boy who can almost do no wrong. Still selling his gun to the highest bidder, I’m sure Amanda will always be the favourite opportunist given that it’s her bomb inside his capsulated mind!

Moving on slightly through the small talk that we read, we start to see a more intelligent side to the task force, as they put their minds together to work out who, what, why and when – sent this robot type bomb droid to kill Amanda Waller?! As boomerang says, everyone wants her dead … so it doesn’t exactly pinpoint any accessories from the off set. So that’s where the mission unravels.. Amanda sets her task force out to find out all the answers – sending them to the unknown godforsaken space station that it links back to… which for me in transitioning is quite humerus, as killer croc can’t quite handle his space suit, and it’s nice to see a weakness in such a way it can read slightly comical!

With the task force on board, we are met with ‘Argent’. I know right – meant very little to me as well, but fortunately the answers are about to be revealed! As one half of the task force enters with all their cameo, they soon reach a huge ferocious monster, one that has many arms… tentacles even, teeth, saliva.. and more tentacles! It’s not a match for the faint hearted! With Harley going in with her trusty hammer, making some clever ‘Alien’ references in conversensation – there is a voice that looms from a far… and then an appearance from more robot droids, but ones that can initiate a commanding defence sequence! That voice, not being droids.. but none other, than the man himself: Rick Flaaaaaag! BRAIN BOMB EXPLOSION AGAIN!!! We are met with himself, his partner Dr. Karin Grace, the original suicide squad – but there’s no time for chit chat.. as there’s one final mission they have left to do on earth, as the safety of the planet depends on it!

Now before I tie this up, if reading correctly you’ll be wondering where the second half of the Squad is… now I can’t tell you everything, as that just wouldn’t be fair – but if you want a second brain bomb explosion in the same series, then: know that deadshot and co went off to the Nevada Desert and stumbled upon a ghostly graveyard, one they are searching the ins and outs of the wreckage they’ve stumbled upon, to find a ‘Task Force X’ file contained with photos and documents. All confidential of course. But, in the typical Williams style we love so much, we are only shown one bold image. King Faraday. The man who once ran the Argent outfit, and he’s about to tell us the full History of Task Force X!

More Info

Reviewed by: Jay Edgley
Suicide Squad #27
Written by : Rob Williams
Art by: Barnaby Bagenda & Jay Leisten

Published by: DC Comics
Release Date: 10/11/2017

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