Batman #32

The big finale of the “War of Jokes and Riddles” arrives on shelves this week. We get answers, at least Catwoman’s big Y or N with this conclusion and maybe, for some of us readers, closure. It hasn’t been a smooth reading experience for me, others might love this story, but Bruce Wayne telling Selina Kyle – pending her answer on a marriage proposal – a story of something that has troubled him since his early days in the cowl, ends now with a shrug of a last chapter. Hell yeah!

The Review

So of all the Tom King penned Batman issues this is one of the most skillfully plotted. I love the nearly wordless first third set-up and fight sequence. A showdown brawl between the three main players and all of it looks amazing. Janin’s art is, as it has been, superb. The colors by June Chung’s colors cause the eye delight as they scan from panel to panel. [SPOILERS BELOW].
By the time Riddler acknowledges his defeat and absurdity of the significance of KITE MAN, this issue is practically half over. Riddler divulges his opinion on why they, Gotham’s criminal elite, keep Batman alive – he’s fun. Joker does not see it this way and continues to be the master of glum. There are two major spoilers coming up…stop reading here…
OK – so Joker is the hero? Anti-hero obviously, but his noble via psychotic act of stopping Batman from killing Riddler is not how I thought this would end. Yet, I kind of like it. Joker stops Batman from crossing over his “do not kill” line, thus proving what? In the last lines of narration Bruce says the Joker told him that the truth lies in the difference between a joke and a riddle. Which is A HUGE COP OUT and also, it says to us, that ultimately, this story does not mean a hill of beans. GOOD GRIEF.

Final Words

Then we hear from Selina and YEP – she says YES.  She could have answered no or yes for me and I wouldn’t have cared honestly. I’m hoping that in METAL Catwoman battles an evil Batman and calls the wedding off…Selina and Bruce do deserve each other, but I’m not a fan of character weddings so we shall see. Right now I can’t remember where I saw it, Twitter or another comic, but Bruce has a daughter coming up right? Helena? Am I getting lost in Tylenol PM again? Anyway, it might be the seasonal sickness I’m swimming in, but I have to say it took A LONG TIME to get to this conclusion. If my memory serves me well, eight chapters of WOJAR is about four too many.

More Info

Reviewed by: Jeff “Mr. Mom” Daily
Batman #32
Written by: Tom King
Art by: Mikel Janin, June Chung, Clayton Cowles
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: October 4, 2017

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