Deathstroke #24 Review

What is this all about?

“We’re heroes being trained by the world’s deadliest assassin, I suppose somewhere in the world that makes sense”. This is part 4 of the Defiance story arc in where we find Wally West going through a few days of the training of Deathstroke at Slade’s school for his Defiance group, but the group finds out Wally has been spying on them and now the team is forced to deal with it all under Slade’s watchful eye.

The Review

I’m trying, I’m really trying to get with the whole new Slade Wilson being a teacher, doing good instead of evil, trying to pass on some of his knowledge to a new group so they can learn to survive, but I guess there is a side of me just waiting for the orange and blue clad Terminator to show back up and do what he does best. That being said this story is not terrible but it doesn’t just grab you and keep you either. I get that Christopher Priest and his creative team are taking Slade in a new direction and that’s fine, a little change now and then is good, but really all we have here is a story of how Slade can play mind games with these young heroes. The ending however does give you a what’s going to happen feeling so I was left with a thought of yeah now I need to know what’s going to befall our one eyed hired gun next issue. The art is good and Never does a great job of highlighting the characters features and emotions very well especially in the individual stories from Wally’s recorder.

Final Words

Not an awful story and it does move the arc along with good supporting art and a nice little ending to keep us wondering what will happen next.

More Info

Deathstroke # 24 Reviewed by Matt Granberry Writer: Christopher Priest Artist: Diogenes Neves Published by DC Comics Release date 10/4/17

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