Green Arrow #32 Review

What is this all about?

The finale of the Gotham Resistance Tie-In. Green Arrow, Robin, Nightwing, Harley Quinn, and Killer Croc are investigating Champions Mountain. A mountain that mysteriously appeared in Gotham. They have fought Riddler and Mr. Freeze both armed with A metal card provided by The Batman who Laughs. Last issue Mr. Terrific showed up to help the heroes out.

The Review

Opening with the group fighting several known batman villains including Penguin and Victor Zsaz. They leap down another rabbit whole going from crazy land to crazy land. Terrific explains why he’s been looking into the mountain for batman when suddenly Nightwing starts having another vision. He describes it as music, batman is talking to him but all he hears is the same chords over and over again. He see’s a machine, the Titans, Croc are all connected to it like batteries.

Damian comes up with a plan. Green Arrow decides to back his play. often working with Teens he knows Damian want’s to feel like he is in charge. The group runs into the monster machine from Nightwing’s visions. They end up in the sixth level of hell, Banes. On the way to the machine, they are interrupted by one of the Evil Robins. Nightwing, Robin, and Arrow stay back to fight him off while Harley and Mr. Terrific continue towards the machine.

Suddenly, an evil looking batmobile comes flooding in. With a robin riding a gun on top and Raven locked away in the back. The batman who laughs, takes Harley and hooks her up. Back at the fight, Arrow has run out of normal arrows. His only remaining shot is the Court of Owls Arrow. He launches it at the evil robin, at the last second He picks Damian up and puts him in the path. The arrow strikes Damian in what looks like just above the heart.

Damian takes the arrow and shoves it the rest of the way through and into the evil robin. Suddenly the full set of evil Batmen show up. Out of nowhere Dr. Fate pops up blinding everyone for a second. He is able to pull all the heroes out of there. They regroup all angry they lost the battle. Green Arrow cracks a smile and holds up the “Metal” Arrow stating, now they know how to kill them.

Final Words

This issue was great. It picks up right after the Suicide Squad tie-in. The art is fantastic and we see some images of the Batman who laughs that no one should ever see. Overall the only complaint I can find with this story arc is how Oliver’s hair grows when he puts on the medieval outfit.

More Info

Reviewed by Eric Butler Green Arrow #32 Written by Benjamin Percy Art by: Juan E. Ferreyra Published by DC Comics Release Date: 10/04/2017

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