Detective Comics #965 Review

Detective Comics #965

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Eddy Barrows

If you love Tim Drake, or have just been wondering about his fate since he was presumed dead last year, then you’re probably as relieved as I am that “A Lonely Place of Living”, is finally here! Tim Drake, a.k.a. Red Robin, has been taken by Mr. Oz to an unknown location with seemingly no way out. Mr. Oz asks Tim about why he chooses to be Red Robin, and Tim recounts his path into the Bat-family (possibly retconning most of the New-52 stuff), using this “interview” as an opportunity to begin his plan of escape. It won’t be as simple as he thinks though, as Tim finds out he’s not alone in this mysterious place and is met by someone he never expected to see.

James Tynion IV has proved throughout this series that he understands Tim Drake’s worth as a member of the Bat-family; but in this issue Tynion proves he understands Tim Drake’s worth as a character. Tim might be the most underrated Robin, partially because it’s felt like he’s been misunderstood. So it’s great to have a writer who really understands him telling this important chapter in Tim’s life. It’s also great to see that Tim’s original origin story is the one presented here, as that’s the one that makes the most sense with where his character has been in Rebirth. Finally, I’d be remiss to not mention the big revelation about the other person trapped with Tim. That whole scene feels like the cherry on top of an already fantastic issue, and I can’t wait to see what Tynion does with it.

This issue might not feel as triumphant if it weren’t for the return of Eddy Barrows on art. There have been some phenomenal artists on Detective Comics in Rebirth, but Eddy Barrows made a real impact with his work at the beginning of this series. It was a much welcome return to have his name him back on Detective Comics, and I can’t think of a better story to welcome him back with.

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