Action Comics #988 Review

Action Comics #988

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Ryan Sook

Superman’s world has been turned upside-down after the shocking revelation that Mr. Oz is actually Jor-El, his biological father. As Supes struggles to accept this claim, Jor-El shows him an archive of the House of El’s history to prove he is who he says he is, which sheds more light on how Jor-El came to Earth and what his real mission is.

This issue is a bit of a disappointment considering how strong the previous issue was. It feels very odd knowing that the worldwide catastrophes Jor-El set in motion in the last issue are being ignored for the sake of a history lesson. There are some things that are essential to know about Jor-El’s life since Krypton that Jurgens brings into this story, but there are also some nonessential things about his life on Krypton that seem out of place. Still, this story does what it set out to do by showing how Jor-El’s came to have such an irrevocably low view of humanity.

Ryan Sook’s art in this issue is great. There’s a lot of emotion and time-jumping in this issue, and Sook did a good job balancing it all and properly conveying the emotion of the scene in each panel. I’d love to see more from him as this story progresses.

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