Suicide Squad #26 Review

What is this all about?

Welcome to Poison Ivy’s Jungle. With this series, it’s not long until we are welcomed into Poison Ivy’s realm of death. Now as the cover will suggest, it is a tie in with Dark Nights Metal. For me personally, it felt a rather strange time to drop this series in now. It can make the reader feel a bit confused as to why we are reading this now, rather than earlier or potentially later on in the series. It’s refreshing to have characters such as Nightwing, Robin and Green Arrow in amongst the Suicide Squad – but if you haven’t been following Dark Nights Metal, you may be scratching your head at one or two details. Also worth noting at this point – no spoilers are made in this review!

The Review

To begin with, I really like what Sejic has done in the first few pages. It’s very dissimilar to what most most ‘comic formats’ follow. Just at a quick glance, it’s very picturesque and makes you feel like you’ve taken a screen shot out of Mad Max! – I know right? A scene similar to Mad Max – it must be worth a look! Anyway, as the story unfolds it does ease into the more stereotypical format we’ve been raised with, and for that – I think this series needs that, as mentioned – I feel it’s a slightly bewildering read on this occasion, and keeping to a format we know all to well, helps take this negative edge off.

What’s different with this series as well – but is easy on the eye, is the affinity of the characters we are so fond of. Take Green Arrow for example. If we asked 100 people to draw him, we would roughly pick the majority of his aspects very similarly such as the shade of green, the style of mask, the way he’s always at the ready with his bow.. but this series, compared to previous series, shows certain affinities – and I really like that – especially as we are also seeing a dark side to The League, it’s not to confusing, and it breaks things up from the same usual colours and tones that we see throughout the rest of the series.

Contributions made by Pat Brosseau have also been made quite clear, in regards to lettering of dialogue… it’s very easy to miss these finer details, but one page alone you can see clear dialect between who’s shouting, talking, talking in a different tone etc. And that’s quite hard to achieve, especially like this case where there is a lot going on, and not a great deal of room to work with.

Final Words

It’s not been the most appealing to me on the eye compared to other series – I personally feel if you’ve not had as much to do with Dark Nights Metal as much as what some have you could struggle a little with enjoying the read, not quite piecing bits together but nothing’s impossible. It does work but I feel on the contrary, it could have been better placed amongst the series. I’ve enjoyed the read, truly, and always with Rob and co’s work – I look forward to the series ahead. Next time: The Epic Conclusion of Green Arrow #32 in Face-To-Face with The Batman Who Laughs!

More Info

Reviewed by Josh Edgley
Suicide Squad #26
Written by Rob Williams
Art by: Stjepan Sejic
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: 9/27/17

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