Wonder Woman #31 Review

A new creative team takes on the “Herculean” task of telling a tale of the mysterious brother of Diana. Writer James Robinson, after a four year split from DC, is back to the pen so away we go!

The Review

Like a lot of TV or film or any fiction for that matter, this story starts at the end and flashes back. We start with an ominous scene of Wonder Woman imploring her brother  to not do something. Then suddenly the beginning of the story flings us to a small Oregon town where a kindly plaid wearing man makes his way to pick up some groceries. He’s apparently a loner and, though liked well enough by the town’s people, he lives a solitary hermit’s existence a good distance away.

This man is named Paul Jackson and we learn a lot about him quickly as the daughter of Darkseid, Grail, shows up at Jackson’s house to fight. The action starts with little exposition. Grail calls out Jackson’s mysterious origins as “son of Zeus” and taunts with his “old God” status. Surprisingly, Grail dispatches Paul Jackson with relative ease and his life force is snatched away. The dialog throughout the introductory scenes and this fight are snappy and well-written. The art is complimentary and dynamic here also.

At this point the comic is more than half finished and we haven’t even seen Wonder Woman yet. This will change as the setting shifts to Los Angeles where Steve Trevor and Diana (mostly Diana) battle Giganta. I find the quips here too, to be on point and fun. A fast fight scene gives way to the emergence of a weird creep probate lawyer named Blake Hooper. He has the look of a 1920’s mob book cooker! He tells Diana of her place as heiress to Hercules’ fortune. She either doesn’t say it or has no idea what is in store for her. The mystery is tangled and I look forward to reading more!

The last images are more SPOOKtacular renderings of family Darkseid. Grail and a teenage(?) Darkseid plot to speed his aging and power gain via the death of more of Diana’s kind.

Final Words

The first issue of James Robinson’s “Children of the Gods” story is promising. Great pencils, color, and dialog propel this mystery by picking up previous threads from past stories and jumping into the unknown. I have no idea where this will go, but I can bet that it will be exciting.

10 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by: Jeff “Mr. Mom” Daily Wonder Woman #31 Written by: James Robinson Art by: Carlo Pagulayun, Sean Parsons, Jason Paz, Scott Hanna, Romulo Fajardo, Jr. and Saida Temofonte Published by: DC Comics Release Date: September 27, 2017

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