Justice League of America #15 Review

What is this all about?

This issue is part 4 of the Panic in the Microverse story arc and it recalls the back story of how Ray Palmer a.k.a The Original Atom comes to discover the microverse and the qunatum storms that are destroying it. Ray meets up with Aron Aut and along with a teleporter named Preon the three set out to find the Ignition Point to stop the quantum storms.

The Review

I like a good back story every now and then and this was one of them. No there are not epic battle scenes or a whole lot of character development in my opinion, but there is the element of mystery especially with the ending that i really enjoy. When a cliffhanger is done right its something to be proud of and Steve Orlando should be proud of that as well as the whole story. The back and forth between Ray and Aut is typical of two scientists trying to find solution to a problem except Ray has been wearing tights too long and the hero in him shines through. This causes a little friction between the two and might give us a little insight to how Ray comes to blame Aut for an impending doom (see last issue). The love interest angle for Ray and Preon is interesting as well. Again the mystery element is brought forward in this of will this actually lead to something between the two, I guess only time will tell.

The art is really done well here and Felipe Wantanabe does a great job of giving the characters wonderful emotion that enhances the story really well. I’m not an art critic or anything but in no way does the art take away from the story at all. It marries with the story very well and gives a great depth to the characters as the go along their journey. The colors that are used in this issue really pop off the page and draws the readers attention especially with all the different worlds of the microverse.

Final Words

Its a good solid story with good solid art to back it up and really sets up the next chapter really well.

7 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by. Matt Granberry Justice League of America #15 Writer: Steve Orlando Artist: Felipe Wantanabe Release date: 9/27/17 Publisher: DC Comics

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