Green Arrow #31 Review

Green Arrow #31

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Otto Schmidt

Oliver Queen’s cross-country quest comes to an end with the finale of Hard Traveling Hero. Green Arrow and Green Lantern launched a sneak attack on the Ninth Circle’s giant satellite that got them both stuck in outer space. Their only option is to destroy the satellite, which sends giant debris straight towards Earth, but lucky for Earth, they’ve got the Justice League to deal with stuff like that. After all is said and done, the biggest question left to answer is “what’s next for Oliver Queen”?

Green Arrow #31 is a mostly satisfying conclusion to Hard Traveling Hero. Oliver accomplished what he set out to do, and he made a strong impact on the Justice League. Percy has done an excellent job of teaming up Green Arrow with the Justice League without forcing Green Arrow to be a member of the Justice League. There are so many stories where Ollie is an “honorary” member of the League who is called upon when needed, and I’m thrilled that he’s back in that position again. The only real downer is that the conclusion seemed a tad rushed in order to set up Oliver’s next mission for Gotham City Resistance.

Otto Schmidt has indisputably left his mark on this Green Arrow series, and his art on this issue is top notch. Each member of the Justice League has the unique features and traits they’re known for, and the action scenes in space are out of this world (pun intended… sorry).

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