Wild Storm #7 Review

After a brief break the storm is wild once again. Warren Ellis’ reworking of the complex Wildstorm Universe is back this week with its seventh installment. In the previous six issues sides were chosen in a three-way battle for planetary or even galactic domination.

The Review

This issue starts with I.O.’s Jackie King beginning her workday and eventually explaining the previous day’s action. That’s right, six issues cover one day of action and number seven starts day two. This is a slow burn comic, with lots of dialog and great characters. I will admit that after three issues I wasn’t sold because of the pace, but now I’m all in. The explosive sequences balance the verbal gymnastics in a way I’ve rarely read.

A new character, John Colt, is introduced here as Grifter and Void, in the HALO hideout, talk over the phone to their covert teammate entrenched with I.O. Yes, this only the tip of the iceberg so if you haven’t been reading you might be lost, however there is a fair amount of explanation so its not as if you couldn’t jump on board now. I would not recommend that necessarily only because the previous issues have been so good. The John Colt fight sequence is another amazing set piece from a series that has a ton already.

As the story moves through the HALO hideout densely packed and eloquently executed dialog keeps the pace that most fight sequences lack. The world of Wild Storm is based on realism in look, yet is always sci-fi in plotting. The marriage of these two approaches melts my mind! Towards the end of the comic we get fleeting glimpses of alien life forms and the implication of an even “wilder” backstory for the dwarf Jacob Marlowe.

Final Words

Overall, this is a must read comic book. From the art to the coloring to the language, nothing is out of place. If there is a complaint, it’s that there has been an awful lot of summation dialog – needed for the long weeks in between chapters I guess – for only seven issues. Still with as rich a world as Ellis’ team have created I wouldn’t let this series pass you by, as it will be one of the titles we look back on and dissect years from now.

8.5 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by: Jeff “Mr. Mom” Daily The Wild Storm #7 Written by: Warren Ellis Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt, Steve Buccellato and John Kalisz, Simon Bowland Published by: DC Comics Release Date: September 20, 2017

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