Trinity #13 Review

What is this all about?

Trinity #13 is the second part of the Dark Destiny story arc and in it we find Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fighting a demon possessed Red Hood and The Outlaws. On top of that they are trying to protect Gotham from a horde of smaller demons. All while this is going on our old magical friend John Constantine seeks out the Pandora Pits in an attempt to help the Trinity defeat whatever magic is at play here only to find Cerce and Ra’s Al Ghul already plotting their own plans in what to do with power of these pits.

The Review

The story is full of small humerous moments as well as great serious dialogue from the Trinity which I love. Constantine provides great wit as he always does. Rob Williams does a great job of not taking the story oh so serious and stiff but lets it loosen up and be fun in a lot of places throughout the story-line.

The art provided by V Ken Marion is on point with the story. I love his facial expressions on his characters as well as the suttle little shades of dark and light that he uses. It really gives the art a pop and a realistic feature that makes it stand out on the page.

Final Words

I felt like this was just a good honest superhero story. You know good guys trying to stop bad guys from doing bad things. Call me old fashioned but i never get tired of stories like this.

7 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by Matt Granberry Trinity#13 Writer: Rob Williams Artist: V Ken Marion Published by DC Comics Release date 9/20/17

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