Superman #31 Review

What is this all about?

In this Issue, Lois pursues an opportunity to interview an international drug dealer. She finds him and his crew dead; however, video evidence at the scene causes her to pursue a mysterious new vigilante. Superman gives Lois a stun gun and some strong advice before she follows evidence that leads her to the Czech Republic. This story is about a mysterious vigilante and Lois Lane’s courageous attempts to find out what motivates them to fight crime.  

The Review

The story begins in Star Labs where a technician named Dwayne tries to destroy a dangerous weapon he helped create. Superman joins the exchange persuading Dwayne to not become a tragedy for his wife and daughter who recently left him. The exchange between Superman and Dwayne has two purposes: provide emotional depth and garner sympathy from the reader, and, connect the reader to a larger story, which is the sale of a weapon produced at Star Labs.

The story transitions to South America following Lois and Jimmy as they pursue a criminal identified by Dwayne to be Carlos Gorzman in order for an interview. When they find him dead with all of his men, they are surprised to see a video which captures the identity of their killer. A single assailant skillfully kills over 20 men. Lois is intrigued by this individual and gains approval from her boss to pursue evidence of the whereabouts for this mysterious vigilante.

While in Prague, she runs into a group of dangerous men led by a man named Cestus. Cestus explains that he and his group are looking for Slade Wilson, Deathstroke. Lois refuses to give him any of the information she’s been gathering. One of Cestus’ men threatens her and Lois zaps him with a stun gun that Superman gave her. Superman arrives with heat-beam eyes radiating down on the group. Lois feels relief and then anger at Superman’s arrival and rescue. She is angry until Superman convinces her that he was simply responding to the signal the stun gun gave off, telling him that she was in danger. She responds, “Sometimes I’ve got to do these things on my own.” The exchange between Lois and Superman rekindles the reader’s emotional investment in the book because we see Louis’ courage and her insistence on completing the task without Superman’s help.

Deathstroke steps out of the shadows to talk to Lois once Superman has flown away. Slade asks Lois why she’s following him? At the same time, Lois recognizes that Deathstroke has used her as bait to draw Cestus and his group, The Throng, to him. After Deathstroke skillfully defeats the group he takes Lois to his secret hideout. Lois remarks at Deathstroke’s ease and precision with which he defeats The Throng. The reader sympathizes with Deathstroke due to his show of compassion to an innocent boy caught in the crossfire during his fight with The Throng. We’re intrigued to know more about Deathstroke when he demonstrates having knowledge of Cestus, who vanishes into thin air after the fight, by stating that he’ll be back with stronger men next time.

Final Words

Later, they are in an ancient tower, a hideout, and the conversation continues. Deathstroke is interviewing Lois as much as she is trying to convince him of her true intentions. We learn more about some of his escapades. Lois asks him, “Are you cold-blooded? Do you ever want to walk away?” He responds, “No, it’s almost routine until I see death in their eyes.” Lois asks, “Do you recall the face of everyone you’ve killed?” Deathstroke says that it’s time to stop. Then he asks Lois a question, “does the big blue boy scout who helped you in the alley love you?”  The reader becomes interested in the unspoken point of Deathstrokes question. Why did Superman leave her alone? This question was furthered by his appearance in Star City at the end of the story while she was on the phone with Clark. If Lois had time to speak she would have told us that she knew what he was up to. However, Deathstroke’s weapon fires as the story ends. As this issue ends the reader is very interested in how Superman will save Lois from certain death!

More Info

Reviewed by Tom Zimm
Superman #31
Written by James Bonny
Art by: Tyler Kirkham; Colors by, Arif Prianto;  Letters by, Dave Sharpe

Published by DC
Release Date: 9/20/2017

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