Superwoman #14 Review

The Story so far

In the last issue of Superwoman, issue #13, we see Lana Lang’s return to Smallville. But it isn’t a friendly return. She is with Red Sun, a red kryptonite monster. Just like with Superman, red kryptonite forces the rage to take over. She and Red Sun are duking it out with the Lex Luthor. Most of the last issue was relatively boring, the setting was “a long time ago” when Lana and Clark were in high school. Lana was hanging out with a rebel boy named Amos, then after a close call with him in a motorcycle accident both she and Clark’s feelings are revealed to each other, blah blah blah… Her red kryptonite necklace is activated, blah blah blah… then it cuts to now and Superwoman (Lana) is with Red Sun (Amos), punking Lex in Smallville. Then the issue ends with Supergirl showing up, but we don’t see anything go down. That will be saved for next issue…. Right? Maybe? Ugh, Spoilers ahead…

What is this all about?

This issue picks up in a choppy way and makes no sense to me whatsoever. We didn’t get to see Superwoman and Supergirl duke it out. Fine, I’m okay with that. But what I don’t understand is that the issue picks up hours after the situation in Smallville is neutralized, and Supergirl and Superwoman are in the department of extra-normal operations. Supergirl has Superwoman pinned up against the wall, about to punch her in the face, and she’s telling her not to do anything stupid. I can’t help but think: Okay, the situation is diffused, they are no longer in Smallville, and they have Red Sun contained in a pod of some sort that neutralizes the effects of red kryptonite… So why is Supergirl being all agro? I mean really… Lana is just like “dude the situation is neutralized, relax,” and then Supergirl is like “oh, ok.” Then they just start talking. That made me feel like Perkins wanted to open the issue up with dramatic effect when it was totally unnecessary. Poorly thought out in my opinion.

Meanwhile, the story reintroduces Maxima who is several light years away plotting to eliminate Supergirl because she threatens her legacy. She calls herself the “real Maxima” and we see that the original Maxima is next to her in some type stasis. If you don’t know, Maxima is from the royal family of planet Almerac. She was obsessed with Superman for a while, not really a good guy or a bad guy. Sort of an anti-hero in some respects. She likes to search earth for super-powered mates which is why she had her fascination with Superman. She worked with Bainiac for a little while and even joined the Justice League at one point. Crazy woman, I know… But an interesting character.

So Red Sun is Amos and our two Superladies are going to restore him from his monstrous red form. But they seriously do it in the most unorganized way. Superwoman gets in this armored bat-suit to keep her protected from the red kryptonite, then they set red sun free so that they can blast him with the “neutralizer.” Whatever the hell that is… So they do just that and Supergirl is like “hit him with the neutralizer,” and Superwoman is like “you need to weaken him first,” and then Supergirl is like “how,” and then I’m like “shouldn’t you have talked about that before you let him go??”

They get Amos temporarily back to normal, but the beast will soon take over him again. So they decide to leave him in his pod until they can do more to help him, then KRAAASHHH!! Here comes Maxima to ruin the day. Maxima gets the upper hand but then the actual Maxima somehow escaped her stasis and shows up to stop the imposter. They kick the fake Maxima’s ass and return to Amos to check on him. But someone, somewhere is targeting Superwoman and can’t wait to meet her. But we’ll have to see what that’s all about next time in “The Terror of the Midnight Protocol.”

The Review

I have really enjoyed the Superwoman Rebirth run. The issues have been really fun reads and the art has been so fantastic to look at. Stephen Segovia’s portrayal of Lana’s Superwoman is brilliant, and I truly mean that. This issue, however, was a little dry. The art was good, but the story and dialogue was off. Like I mentioned earlier, the way the issue opened didn’t make any sense to me. There was no need for aggression when the situation had already been neutralized. I would have liked to see how the situation was neutralized though. A battle between Superwoman and Supergirl, drawn by Segovia, would have been freaking awesome! The whole issue was clunky. I found myself saying “how’d that happen” too much, and there were a couple moments when dialogue between characters didn’t make any sense to me. Maxima looked really cool though. Actually, the fake Maxima looked cooler than the real one.  All-in-all, this felt like a rushed ending to the whole “return to Smallville” story. I wouldn’t rush to get this issue. But I believe in this title so I’m going to stick with it. Can’t win them all right?

More Info

Reviewed by Justin Swenson
Superwoman #14
Written by K. Perkins
Art by: Stephen Segovia
, Art Thibert, Hi-Fi
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: September 13, 2017

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