Green Arrow #30 Review

Green Arrow #30

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Otto Schmidt

Oliver Queen is headed to the final frontier in an effort to take down the Ninth Circle once and for all. But to get there, he’ll need the help of his old space-loving pal, Hal Jordan! The classic duo heads off to space with the mission to find and destroy the Ninth Circle’s satellite, but they soon discover it’s no ordinary satellite they’re dealing with.

When I first saw that Ollie and Hal would be teaming up again at the end of Green Arrow #29, I was thrilled! It’s been great seeing Oliver working with all the different Justice League members throughout the Hard Traveling Hero story, but this is the team up I anticipated the most. Of all the “dynamic duos” in comics, Green Arrow and Green Lantern have proven a fan favorite team-up, so what was there not to look forward to?

But after reading the book, I found myself a little disappointed, and I had to remember that this isn’t Pre New 52 Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan. While they share similarities in their characteristics, their relationship is totally different. So after that change of mindset, I re-read the book and found it to be much more enjoyable.

There’s not a lot that actually happens in Green Arrow #30; it’s more about patching up Hal and Ollie’s past and setting a foundation for their friendship moving forward. There’s a lot of good character development there, but it does take up a lot of the book. So if you were hoping for an issue that’s jam-packed with Green Arrow and Green Lantern fighting robots in space, there’s not an awful lot of that. But, unlike the rest of the Hard Traveling Hero issues, Ollie and Hal will still be together for the next issue, so there’s still room for a lot more space action.

Otto Schmidt is back on art in this issue, which is perfect timing. He did such a great job at setting the tone for this series with the first couple volumes, so it seems fitting that he would provide the art for this important reunion. Schmidt does a great job with the outer space setting, with some gorgeously detailed panels of all the debris orbiting Earth.

All in all, this isn’t the Green Arrow/Green Lantern reunion I was hoping for, but Percy does a great job of taking the two heroes where they’re at, and setting their friendship in a new direction.

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