Deathstroke #23 Review

What is this all about?

This story shines the light on Deathstroke still training his Defiance group. He wants them to be more efficient in their methods so what does he do, oh nothing except start a sword fight with his daughter Rose. Rose in turn says she is trying to believe in Slade as a hero but has difficulty with this due to the fact that all Slade has ever done is lie to her.

In the middle of all this Rose wounds Slade and he passes out from the wound. The story then cuts to a woman asking about a symbol somewhere in a city and then stumbling upon a girl named Willow who puts a knife to her throat (lovely right) but then recognizes her and all is well. Cut back to Defiance HQ where Deathstroke has awakened from his fight with Rose and is told by Power Girl that a synthetic element called Inertron was used to pierce his armor, which leads Slade to believe Rose’s sword was covered in the element or maybe that the sword is possibly from the future maybe?

Any way Slade bursts into Rose’s room where he finds his old friend Hosun in Rose’s bed to which Rose tells Slade that Hosun is her husband (cue dramatic music). Meanwhile Jericho and his mom are arguing when the team is called to save a sinking ship. That’s where Slade runs into two guys he spared from killing years ago (see beginning panel). back at HQ Slade longs for the days of being a mercenary but gets a call from The Society. Final panel see a mystery man named as The Forgotten talking to woman about Willow. 

The Review

This issue nothing really big happened. No plot twists or cliffhangers just a continuation of the Defiance story. The art was good and enjoyable and the writing was not too bad however I just feel this is a ho hum issue you know kind of a filler issue to fill in space until the next issue where hopefully things pick up.

Final Words

If you are a die hard Deathstroke fan like me you’ll put up with the issues that seem just filler and ho hum cause you know something is just around the corner that will blow our minds.

Reviewed by Matt Granberry
Deathstroke #23
Written by Christopher Priest
Art by: Diogenes Neves

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: 9/6/17

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