Interview with Olan Rogers about his new show, ‘Lion’s Blaze’

We caught up with actor/producer Olan Rogers, who’s best known for his work on YouTube, about his new show, Lion’s Blaze.

Lion’s Blaze is an animated series about a group of four friends that find themselves trapped in an arcade game for 15 years, trying to be freed by the Gamemaker by completing enough missions. Check out the pilot episode below, then read on to see what Olan had to say about his hilarious new show.


BM: The Lion’s Blaze pilot is absolutely hilarious and unpredictable. What aspects of this show do you think will connect with audiences the most?

OR: I think the heart of it. While funny it’s going to have so much heart. And of course the video game aspect of it.

BM: Were there any specific arcade games that you drew from when creating Lion’s Blaze?

OR: No arcade games but the computer game…Diablo 2.

BM: There’s some neat easter eggs in the pilot from classic video games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. Can we expect more items from those worlds to appear in future episodes?

OR: I would hope so. That was actually an idea by Joe at Studio Joho and I feel like that could be developed more into some cool Easter eggs.

BM: What do you love most about your character, Dexter? What would you say his strengths and weaknesses are as the leader of the group?

OR: I love that he genuinely loves his friends and is willing at the end to challenge the Gamemaker to get him back. His strength is also his weakness in that he’s headstrong.

BM: Any chance your buddy Thomas Gore will make a cameo appearance?

OR: Ah man I wrote a character for him called Frowns, a grumpy wizard but I didn’t have the budget to put him in. But 100% I would love to get him into this even if it’s just writing.

BM: I’m sure there is a lot of nerdy goodness in the show. Our site is all about comic books and Superhero news. What aspects of your show would appeal to the comic book crowd?

OR: I mean, of course, it’s video games but also all things 80’s music, comics, and movies. Just that culture, in general, will lend itself to the comedy.

BM: Who is your favorite Superhero?

OR: Wolverine yo. Always and forever.

There ya have it folks! The pilot for ‘Lion’s Blaze’ is out now; check it out and get ready for some more throw-back, animated, awesomeness coming soon!

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