The Flash #28 Review

Let’s meet the negative Flash! In issue number 28 Barry Allen is coming off of a traumatic story where a lot went down between Barry and Iris and also between The Flash and Reverse Flash. In the previous issue Iris decides to pursue some space between them and did we also mention that she killed Reverse Flash? That’s right the Reverse Flash is dead, for now.

So, we open this story arch named “Negative” with a mysterious character calling his henchmen to send The Flash a message. We have the road reapers zooming through the streets of Central City and robbing armored cars while they are moving, that’s right! While they are moving the road reapers are robbing! Only in comic, I tell ya. Here comes the Flash but he is not quite looking like himself and that is because of the effects of the negative speed force that is now coursing through his body. He also realizes that he is causing a lot of damage in his wake. His body is a lot sore from the negative effects and he is simply not himself.

While getting to the CCPD and trying to blend in so that Capt. Singh doesn’t call him out he gets pulled into the Captains office to discuss a sensitive case that can break the CCPD if this information comes to light. While captain Singh puts his trust into Barry he does mention that he needs Barry in the game on this one because there is no room for mistakes and we all know that Barry and his double life as the Flash often clash and keep Barry extra busy.

While taking a breather to contemplate this new case and his commitment to it he notices the road reapers causing havoc again and when the Flash catches up he learns really quick that they aren’t running from the Flash but from Shrapnel a villain who is made of organic metals, while Barry and Shrapnel duke it out in the streets of Central City, Shrapnel releases an internal bomb of shrapnel and it ends up killing the road reapers. The Issue ends begging the question is Flash an accomplice to murder?

I am enjoying this negative angrier version of the Flash; can he survive this negative speed force? Can he somehow recover and get back to his regular self? And who is the mysterious guy on the call giving these orders? Issue 29 I am patiently waiting.

Joshua Williamson who wrote this comic and art by Carmine Di Giandomenico did a great job here and interested to see how they play off this negative speed force scenario.

Reviewed by Leo Marques

Twitter: @LeoMarques85
The Flash#28
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Published by: DC Comics
Release Date: August 9, 2017

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