Superman #28 Review

Superman #28

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Art by: Scott Godlewski

Superman #28 continues the Kent Family Vacation thats started in issue #27. But while issue #27 mixed a good Superman story with a bit of a history lesson, issue #28 is really just a history lesson with very little story.

After his mission with the Justice League in the night, Superman returns to the Kents’ RV and flies it into the sky so Jonathan and Lois can enjoy the view. From there, they continue their tour of historic and important U.S. sites including the United States Capitol Building, the World War II Memorial, and finally the Gettysburg National Park. At each stop, Lois and Clark have a key teaching moment with Jonathan about a variety of topics from people’s right to protest to the heroic sacrifice of soldiers during WWII.

Let me start by saying there is certainly value to everything that the Kent family saw and everything Jon learned in this issue. That said, those elements are pretty much the only thing of value in this issue; save for a couple small, heroic acts by Superman. The most challenging thing about this book was reading all of the text on each page. Each page felt so heavy with text, that I didn’t have much time or interest in looking at the art. Which isn’t ideal for a visual story-telling medium like a comic book.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the family moments that Tomasi and Gleason have emphasized during their run on Superman; but this issue was simply too much. Perhaps this whole story arc could have been cut down a bit, in which case it would have been better as an “Extra-sized Anniversary Issue”.

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