Green Arrow #28 Review

Green Arrow #28

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Juan Ferreyra

Oliver Queen’s mission to stop the Ninth Circle’s technology from spreading across the country has led him to Metropolis in Green Arrow #28. After working alongside The Flash and Wonder Woman, Green Arrow is on his own again as he sets his sights on Lex Luthor, who he assumes is working with Ninth Circle already. To Ollie’s surprise, not only is Luthor not working with the Ninth Circle, his entire corporation is about to fall victim to their technology’s power. Green Arrow, Lex Luthor, and Superman need to work together to stop the Ninth Circle from destroying LexCorp and all of its employees.

The last two issues in this story arc haven’t quite resonated with me, mainly due to odd plot mechanics and poor characterizations of two of DC’s most popular heroes. But Green Arrow #28 does some course correction with a good story that gets Superman and Lex Luthor right. When Superman and Green Arrow meet, Superman doesn’t give the same lectures that The Flash and Wonder Woman gave to Ollie. Instead, he praises Ollie’s heroism and bravery in classic Superman fashion. The whole tone of this issue feels like a Superman comic: it’s heroic, inspiring, a little hokey at times (in a good way).

Having Juan Ferreyra back on art also added to the quality of this issue. Ferrerya has knack for interpreting the tone of the story, and portraying it perfectly in his art. His use of color and shading has given a unique flavor to his work on Green Arrow in Rebirth, and this issue is no exception.

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