Riftworld Legends #2 Review

Riftworld Legends #2Welcome back to Riftworld, I figured I would be seeing some of you again! With the second entry into Riftworld Legends, we find an origin story for an unlikely character, shaping the stories to come. Finding out what was hinted at in the last issue

What is this all about?

Jackie and Shim face off against a powerful supernatural foe with the help of a mysterious local huntress–only to find themselves betrayed by their own men.

The Review

Riftworld Legends #2

With issue number two, we continue with Grandma’s story about Fiona’s Great-Grandfather. With the skeleton doing quite a bit more damage to some of the crew and nicking Jackie before he is taken down. Which introduces a new character, Thora, who is a badass and saves Jackie from certain death. Thora is a Dalurin local to the island they are on and had been following Jackie to see if he was a good man. Now, this might be the introduction of Fiona’s Great-Grandmother but we will have to wait and see.

This story that is being told leads to a pretty big secret at the end of the book. However, I am not going to give that one away, you will have to go pick this up for yourself to find out. Williams does a great job with pacing and dialogue here, with the story giving away just enough. While some might consider this a slow build, it is leading to something. This allows the final pages reveal to hit with some reverence, showing what a big deal it really is. Riftworld Legends #2

This setup makes me excited for what is to come in the following issues. Rounding up the story Wong, and Alleyne does an astounding job on the art. Delivering some fluid action panels in the earlier fight scene, then transitioning to some great dramatic scenes. This team really does compliment one another and it shows in the panels.

Final Words

While this story is a bit on the slower side, it is building to something grand and it’s already paying off. Williams leaves us with a giant cliffhanger and I can only imagine from here we are off to the races. Paired with the stunning art from Wong and Alleyne, this is a title that you should consider picking up. You can find it here on Comixology.

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Riftworld Legends #2
Written by Jonathan Williams
Art by: Daniel Wong, Paris Alleyne, Andrew A. Thomas, Jennifer Hale

Published by Joe Books LTD
Release Date: July 26th, 2017

We were provided a review copy of this comic by First Love Films.

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