Teen Titans #10 Review

The Titans reunite under the watchful eye of Damian Wayne. Boasting a strong roster of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Aqualad. In the last issue, it was revealed that Aqualad’s father is possibly Black Manta. Now he’s come to reclaim his son, can the Titans stop him? Spoilers ahead!

Teen Titans #10What is this all about?

‘BLOOD OF THE MANTA’ part two! After learning he’s the son of the villainous Black Manta, Jackson Hyde is forced to join his father on a journey to find the ocean’s greatest treasure-a game-changing weapon that would spell disaster for anyone in Manta’s way. Meanwhile, Damian’s status as team leader is challenged by Starfire, who recruits Tempest to help track down their missing member! Will the Teen Titans find their friend before Black Manta gains ultimate power?

The Review

Teen Titans #10In the San Francisco Bay, we see Manta fighting Lucia (Aqualad’s Mother). Aqualad shows up and tells Black Manta to leave her alone. It’s revealed that Manta is his father. Aqualad offers his life for his mom’s and says he will go with Manta. It cuts to the Titans Tower, where Damian is talking with Batman. Batman warns them they must turn in weekly briefings and to not cause so much attention, Namely Beast Boys vlog. Raven can sense fear in Damian and try’s to talk to him about kicking Kid Flash of the team. Damian goes off and states it’s his own fault and it’s best for the team.

Teen Titans #10Aqualads mom shows up in the tower bleeding all over the floor saying Jackson (Aqualad) needs help. It cuts to Beast Boy and Starfire out shopping at the farmers market, Starfire seems upset that Aqualad didn’t come home last night. Damian calls them in stating it’s an emergency.  We see manta talking to his son, he cuts the necklace off his neck. It’s revealed to hold a map to the secret black pearl. The Titans save Aqualad mom, and she tells the tale of how she met Black Manta. Starfire takes lead and sets out to find Aqualad despite Damian saying not too. Manta and Aqualad find the black pearl, while Aqualad tries and get to know his dad, he is attacked by a giant squid monster.

Final Words

This was an issue that really dived into Aqualads back story and helps build his character. Though the biggest change in rebirth is him being gay, they didn’t focus on it and used it as a small factor rather than a defining trait. Similar to Bunker in the New 52, I prefer how they showed it with Aqualad. Overall Teen Titans have been a wonderful issue and really nails the characters if you can get used to Damian this book is for you.

More Info

Reviewed by: Eric Butler of Crossover University Podcast
Teen Titans #10
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by: Wade Von Grawbadger, Khoi Pham

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: 07-26-17

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