The Next DCEU Film to Start Production Will be ‘Shazam’

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Since the rumors last week about ‘Shazam’ being green-lit for early 2018 production, there have been a lot of questions raised about the project: Will Dwayne Johnson co-star? What’s the proposed release date? Who will play Billy Batson?

While we don’t have all the answers yet, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that ‘Shazam’ is indeed happening, and will begin production as early as January of 2018. David Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation) is set to direct the film. There’s no word on who will play Shazam, or Bill Batson for that matter, but there’s no sign that Dwayne Johnson, who is set to play Black Adam, will not make an appearance. Johnson is still set to star in a Black Adam solo film.

This report also confirmed that Shazam will be the next DCEU film to start production, meaning it’s almost certain that Aquaman will be the only DC film released in 2018.

With an early 2018 production date, we can expect to see ‘Shazam’ hit theaters in 2019!

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