Duck Tales #0 Review

Welcome back to Duckberg! Where the beloved triplets Huey, Louie, and Dewey that most of us grew up watching on TV are back and just as mischievous as ever. DuckTales #0 is written by Joe Caramanga and art done by Andrea Greppi. This comic book comes out to accompany the release of their new show on Disney XD in August. 


This book comes packed with two short stories that show off the boys 2017 makeover from the 90’s version. The book opens with a very proud Donald Duck who has started a business in doing tours of the famous little lake, which is actually quite big. After one of his tours the boys decide to go canoeing but Donald won’t let them cause it’s simply too dangerous! Well the boys and Donald make a deal and the boys go canoeing Donald Duck style and the boys are not happy about that.

While on another tour Donald gets into it with a know it all tourist that after some bickering the boat finds it self sinking leaving the boys, Donald, and the know it all tourist stranded on a little island. 


The second story in this book is for those who enjoy the boys tormenting their uncle Donald. We start of with Dewey destroying property in a hotel that Donald was hired to manage and get ready for its opening. Donald needs time to get things sorted out and allows the boys to go off and run around but they must wear GPS trackers meant for luggage so Donald can keep an eye on them, the boys agree and split to explore. During their cruise of the hotel they realize all floors look the same and get very bored. Suddenly a loud scream comes from one of the rooms and the boys rush to check it out and they are encountered themselves with Mallard Hitchcock famous director of horror movie the screaming duck. The boys continue the scare tactics on Uncle Donald while he eagerly attempts to locate the boys and leave the haunted hotel. The boys and Mallard reveal themselves to Donald yelling, “Thats a Wrap!” 


This is a light hearted comic book with hints of nostalgia for any reader that remembers the older 90’s DuckTales TV show.  Pick this book up for a good enjoyable read and to immerse yourself in true Disney magic! Don’t forget to check out the new Disney XD show, DuckTales in August to follow along with more of Huey, Louie, and Dewey’s misadventures. 


Reviewed by Leo Marques
Duke Tales #0
Written by Joe Caramagna
Art by: Gianfranco Florio, Various

Published by:  IDW Publishing
July 19, 2017

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