Dark Days: The Casting Review

Dark Days: The Casting Review

Written by: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Art by: Jim Lee, Andy Kubert & John Romita Jr.

Dark Days: The Casting is part two to the Prelude to Metal storyline which, as the name suggests, sets up the events of DC Metal. Snyder has been wanting to do this story for quite sometime now and it’s finally continuing its fruition. Dark Days: The Forge was pretty awesome, giving huge hints at what to come. The Casting does exactly the same thing but reveals a bit more yet hints at even more. Let’s delve into this issue and see how the beginning of DC’s big summer event stacks up to the hype.

I want to state that I won’t recap story points but I will definitely be talking about spoilers in this paragraph. Skip to the last paragraph for my final thoughts to avoid spoilers.

This Prelude to Metal is definitely required reading for all DC fans. It continues a dangling thread from Snyder’s new 52 run of Batman and delves deeper into the mystery of this metal that Batman is trying to find the secrets of. All along, it seems as though him digging deeper into finding out what this metal is is actually a trap this secret group of “Dark Knights” set for an invasion of sorts. A huge war is coming and we can all feel it, even as readers. This prelude has really got me excited for things to come from this event. It feels epic and Snyder and Tynion know this, not as a pretentious sort of way, but in a passionate way. It’s written in a sort of way that they’re loving the story they’re telling and they really want to tell it.

The art on the other hand wasn’t so good, in my option. This plagued The Forge for me as well as it has a cheap feel to it. I’m wondering if that’s because it’s Jim Lee. I have nothing against the legendary artist but it just doesn’t please my eye. With a comic event so epic, I would expect a more detailed take on the characters, even realistic. But what is here is alright. I don’t hate it; I just feel it doesn’t quite fit with this issue.

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