Justice League #24 Review

Justice League #24

Written by: Dan Abnett
Art by: Ian Churchill

Justice League #24 is a one-shot that ties in with the events of Aquaman #25. This issue was also written by Dan Abnett, the current writer of Aquaman, which makes the tie-in work all the better. Mera has discovered that Aquaman is alive, and has been using all of her power to try and break through the Crown of Thorns, but to no avail. Consequently, using her powers so fiercely has created a giant tidal wave at the East Coast, so the Justice League heads in to investigate and stop the wave. Mera doesn’t take kindly to their interference, so she engages in battle, and attempts to singlehandedly defeat the League.

It might be because I’m such a big fan of Abnett’s work on Aquaman, or just because it’s awesome to see Mera kick the League’s butt, but this is easily one of my favorite issues of Justice League in Rebirth. Mera has been one of the most underrated heroines in the DC Universe for so long, and this issue proves not only how powerful she is, but also how much depth there is to her character. She has been cast out from her home, she’s lost her fiancé, she doesn’t have a place in the surface world; but still she doesn’t give up, she keeps fighting.

Superman points out that every member of the Justice League has been cast out in one way or another, but protecting the world is what unites them and gives them purpose. And that’s what makes Mera such a great fit right now in Justice League. There’s not much more she can to help Arthur alone, but there’s plenty of good she can do with the Justice League. I can’t wait to see her role in future issues!

Ian Churchill’s art in this issue fits perfectly. He does a great job of shaping the tone throughout the story, with darker, more muted colors during the storm and the battle, and brighter colors when the story turns a more hopeful direction. I also appreciated his attention to detail during the fight in the water by making it obvious that everyone is getting soaked. There’s no “perfect” hair after being dunked in the ocean, even on Superman. Exceptional art for an exceptional issue.

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