Wonder Woman #25 Review

Wonder Woman #25

Written by: Greg Rucka
Art by: Bilquis Evely & Liam Sharp

They say “all good things must come to an end”, which is unfortunately true of Greg Rucka’s phenomenal run on ‘Wonder Woman’ in Rebirth. With artists like Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott, Bilquis Evely and more, this title has been one of the standouts in Rebirth, and has given fans some iconic and beautiful stories about Diana.

In his final issue, Rucka begins tying up some loose ends while also showing how Diana is dealing with everything she’s just gone through. For the most part, she’s angry; and why shouldn’t she be? After everything she’s been through in the last 24 issues, she believes that the Patrons deceived her, despite her faith in them. It’s interesting to see the impact that her uncharacteristic attitude has on those around her, from the Justice League, to Veronica Cale and Steve Trevor.

By the end of the issue, there are still some questions left unanswered, but ultimately you get the feeling that Diana is at peace and is able to move on to whatever her next adventures will be. With Shea Fontana taking over as writer starting with issue 26, it’s unclear if any of the lingering questions will be addressed, or if she’ll tell a completely unrelated story.

Bilquis Evely provides the art for half of the issue, with the other half done by Liam Sharp. Evely does a great job setting the tone and displaying Diana’s emotions. Liam Sharp once again adds so much gorgeous detail to his pages. There’s one scene in particular towards the end of the issue that is perfectly reminiscent of his first couple issues in Rebirth. It’s great way for him to end his run on ‘Wonder Woman’ along with Rucka.

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