Black Magick #6 Review

After a very long hiatus, Black Magick is back with an all new Arc! As Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott depart Wonder Woman they return with Black Magick, ironically both come out June 28th. I will gladly take a double dose of Rucka this week as these two are some of my favorite comics.

What is this all about?

NEW STORY ARC What the hell is the deal with Rowan Black, anyway? For that matter, just how many ‘real’ witches are there? What is the bond that ties Rowan and Alex together? Is the series really coming back, or is this just the creative team messing with your heads? Yes, it’s true-the critically acclaimed series returns with a standalone story detailing how Rowan was awakened to her family’s legacy…and the enormous cost of being its inheritor.

The Review

So it has been over a year since our last foray into Black Magick, with issue 5 revealing the villains of the series. In issue six we get a flashback from Rowan and a lot more background on witches in general. Rucka takes is back to Rowan’s thirteenth birthday, which is the day she is to become awake, to become a witch. In this process, the one who is awoken will remember everything from all of their ancestors. Being that Rowan is a Black, that is a lot to put on someone, centuries of memories, prosecution, and death. This causes a lot of issues for Rowan over the next few months.Black Magick #6

Rucka also talks about how witches are viewed in this world earlier in the issue. Where they are very much despised and hunted in earlier times. Whether it was from burning at the stake or through pogroms, they have seen some horrific things over the years. Although even now people view them as devil worshipers and no one believes in Magick anymore. So this is something they must hide and not tell others about, causing Rowan’s teenager years to be even more difficult that it normally would be. After her awakening things only get worse, causing her to lash out, cry in her bed for hours, or be paralyzed with fear. Knowing what this world has done to her family, how could she not be afraid?

Nicola Scott’s art is a sight to behold, from the way emotions are conveyed to the very high level of detail. Each panel is meticulous in detail, where the backgrounds are never skimmed over. Just take a second and really examine a panel and you will see what I am talking about. For example, there is a panel in Rowan’s room with pictures on the walls and intricate furniture all around, everything is defined, nothing is muddled. Black Magick #6It’s just simply astounding. Also while this book is largely black and white there are a few moments of color here and there. Chiara Arena makes these few moments really shine and stick out, making those panels the most memorable or haunting.

Final Words

Black Magick is back and it’s just as good as I remember. With issue six we get a nice origin story for Rowan and quite a bit of background on witches in general. Plus there is a heart-wrenching moment towards the end that explains a lot. This is a solid welcome back for Black Magick and I can’t wait to see where this arc takes us!

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Black Magick #6
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by: Nicola Scott, Chiara Arena, Jodi Wynne

Published by Image Comics
Release Date: June 28th, 2017

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