‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ Already Has 5 Episodes Recorded!

Image via SchmoesKnow Image via SchmoesKnow

Nolan North, the voice of Superboy in Young Justiceconfirmed at AwesomeCon that Young Justice Season 3, now officially titled Young Justice: Outsiders, has already recorded five episodes!


When Young Justice was cancelled after only two seasons, fans began fighting to get the show the third season it deserves. There was cause for celebration when DC Comics announced their digital streaming service would include a brand new season of Young Justice with the original creators.

Right now, it’s being speculated that this streaming service is set to launch in 2018, and with 5 episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders already recorded, we can assume it will be a major part of the launch package along with a live-action Teen Titans show!

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