Exploring Why Thomas Wayne From Earth-Two Ever Turned to Drugs

There have been many versions of Thomas Wayne, the father of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The most infamous version is the one where he is Bruce’s father and ends up dying alongside Bruce’s mother, Martha, in an alley way in Gotham City. It would later become to be known as Crime Alley. Yet, many different versions of Thomas Wayne have existed in the comics. Some have been very similar to the mainstream Thomas Wayne while several others have been a tad more extreme. You can look to Thomas Wayne’s version of Batman in the Flashpoint universe to understand.

However, there’s another story that has not been explored too in depth: the tale of Thomas Wayne From Earth Two. The story of this version of Thomas Wayne starts off somewhat similarly but is different all the same. The character had originally garnered ties with the Falcone crime family once he saved Frankie Falcone from a gunshot wound. He was introduced to a life of partying and drugs by Frankie and eventually met his wife. When Bruce came into their lives, it stopped. The precedent was established early on in Thomas’ life.

However, once Thomas wanted to sever ties with the Falcones, they not only attacked him but went after his wife and son. Despite Martha being killed, Thomas survived, thanks to the help of Dr. Leslie Thompkins. He ended up stealing the drug, miraclo, from one of his colleagues, Rex Tyler. Audiences got to recently be acquainted with Tyler through season two of Legends of Tomorrow on the CW. Once Bruce dies in an attack on aliens during an alien invasion, his father is left to take over the mantle to honor his son. What’s interesting is the use of the miraclo here.

While Bruce was someone who used his mind and his body to defeat crime, Thomas turned to a drug, not unlike a steroid or stimulant in the real world. It’s as if he struggled with a concerta addiction in the real world. It makes one wonder if Thomas did not have drug abuse troubles early on. It could be something for another writer, outside of James Robinson and Tom Taylor who first introduced the character, to explore. For now, let’s do some digging.

Thomas likely struggled with the same feelings of anxiety and stress we do on a daily basis. Being connected to the mafia likely wore on him a tad. He probably enjoyed the escapism early on before he was ever married but always knew, as a Wayne, his friendship with Falcone mafia elements would not ever serve him whatsoever.

Once the years of recreational drug use or drug use to escape the idea of his mafia connections, he might have become a lot more stressed from being a father and then eventually losing his relationship with his son once Bruce, later on, found out his father faked his own death. His father may have continued his substance abuse before he ever gained in the comic what was similar to a concerta addiction with his use of miraclo. Who is to say he was not an addicted to miraclo? He was trying to get stronger without having to work out. Yet, it may have been he needed to take them each day.

Obviously, that part of his life was where he had a connection to his son. He gave up drugs when his son was born. Maybe, he took solace in them once his son cut off ties with him and eventually died? It would be tough to think losing all respect from your child and never seeing them before they pass away. All the emotional turmoil could have caused Thomas Wayne a lot of inner pain he could not deal with.

This version of Thomas Wayne eventually passed on to the next life during an event called Convergence. Earth Two’s Dick Grayson took up the Batman mantle after that. It’s a bad sad DC Comics killed the character off so soon. However, that does not mean he cannot be brought back or further explored during his time on Earth Two. As Charles Xavier in X-Men: Days of Future Past says: “Is the future truly set?”

About the author: Tommy Zimmer is a writer whose work has appeared online and in print. His work covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, health and wellness, addiction and recovery and the entertainment industry.

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