An Interview with Marv Wolfman

Marv Wolfman is a veteran writer, with notable works such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, and The New Teen Titans. He’s written hundreds, if not thousands of comics, and has created or co-created some of the most well-known characters in comics such as Cyborg and Deathstroke.

We got the chance to ask Marv Wolfman some questions about his amazing career, the impact of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and how it feels to see his characters in live-action!

BM: You’ve said you were a comic book fan before you ever started actually working in the comic book industry. What was it that made you initially decide you wanted to start writing comics?

MW: I published a lot of fanzines and I wrote as well as drew the stories that were in there. Once I started doing that in fandom, and started to get nice letters on my stories, it wasn’t too long before I thought I could do work for the professionals, too. It was a logical progression.

BM: One your most notable works with DC Comics was Crisis on Infinite Earths with George Perez. At the time, did you guys have any idea how big of an impact it would have on DC continuity for the next several decades?

MW: George Pérez and I certainly knew what we were doing was enormous and would effect everything at DC – it’s why I proposed the idea in the first place. But I didn’t think our comic would be the one that was remembered; I assumed it would be all the new DC comics that would come out of it. But we were thrilled people liked our story so much that it’s never gone out of print and is still being referred to 31 years later.

BM: You’ve created dozens of characters for different comic book properties throughout your career. What’s it like for you to see those characters in live-action adaptations?

MW: I love them when they’re done well, and I’d say the vast majority of my characters have been done really well. I expect differences and changes so that never bothers me, but I do want to know the changes were made with respect to the originals and not simply a thoughtless whim. But I’ve been really lucky so far.

BM: Are there any characters in particular that you feel especially protective of?

MW: I’m as protective of the characters I created as I can be, but I also know I don’t own them. So you’ve got to learn to stand back as others do what they do as I did what I felt best. But as I say, I just hope they make it respecting the original.

But if there was any one project I’ve been most protective of it’s probably Night Force. It’s one of the most adult and complex ideas I’d come up with and I’ve enjoyed being the one writer who has guided its development.

BM: After concluding your recent mini-series, Raven, how do you feel she’s evolved as a character from The New Teen Titans to where she is today in Rebirth?

MW: Well, my Raven mini was not part of Rebirth and I’ve never read what anyone else may have done with her. But I really loved the mini-series we did and the approach we took. I’m really proud of that book.

Raven was Marv Wolfman’s most recent mini-series for DC Comics, which focused on events that happened between The New 52 and DC Rebirth. The complete series is available now, and you can pick it up here.

We’re so grateful for the chance to talk with Mr. Wolfman, and for the countless of amazing stories and iconic characters he’s shared with us.

To keep up with Marv, visit his website –
Or you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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