Armie Hammer Confirms He Hasn’t Heard From Warner Bros. About Playing Green Lantern

In an interview with Screenrant for his upcoming movie, Cars 3, Armie Hammer confirmed that despite all the rumors, he hasn’t actually heard anything from Warner Bros./DC Films about playing Green Lantern.

Last Fall, these rumors started swelling after Geoff Johns started following Armie Hammer on Twitter. This might seem like insufficient cause for such a rumor, but there were a couple of similar cases where Geoff Johns would follow someone, and they’d soon be announced for a role in the DCEU. Of course, that’s not always the case, and it’s definitely a big leap to make that assumption of everyone Johns follows.

Nonetheless, if you’re like me, the idea of Green Lantern being cast was exciting and I sincerely hoped the rumors were true. But Armie Hammer has made it as clear as he can that there are no plans for him to play Green Lantern as of now. Here’s what Hammer had to say about all this:

“When the Green Lantern stuff first kind of started, which I think is Geoff Johns fault, because he like followed me on Twitter or something, and everybody was like what does that mean?! So uh… how did it happen, Um, I called my agent, after it had been going on for like a week or two, it had been going on for a little bit, I called my agent, I was like, ‘Man, have you heard anything from like D.C. or anything?’ And he was like, ‘No’. I was like, ‘nothing?’ He was like, ‘No’. I was like, ‘Not one thing?’, and he was like, ‘No. Why?’ I was like, ‘nothing about… Green Lantern?’, and he was like, ‘No, nothing’, and I was like, alright. That’s it, that’s the end of it.”

Well, there ya have it folks. Unless Armie Hammer is just completely lying for no apparent reason, he won’t be playing Green Lantern, which also means he’s not going to have a cameo in ‘Justice League’, as has been speculated.

Even though we don’t have a Green Lantern cast yet, we do know that a new Green Lantern movie, called ‘Green Lantern Corps’ is being developed! Hopefully we’ll hear more news about that next month at San Diego Comic Con.

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