Nightwing #22 Review

Nightwing #22 Review

Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Miguel Mendonca

After the nice one-shot co-starring the best flash, a.k.a. Wally West(my opinion), this week’s issue of Nightwing starts the new “Blockbuster” arc.

The Roland Desmond version of Blockbuster is finally back to cause problems for Nightwing after no appearances in the New 52. It is nice to see him back and is kinda nostalgic since he was one of the first villains Nightwing faced in his original ongoing series. The other threat that surfaces is Tiger Shark who is running a casino with criminal intentions. These two villains seem like they will offer a real challenge to Nightwing and make an interesting story.

A few pages of this issue are dedicated to Dick and Shawn’s relationship. Some people may just want constant superhero action instead of relationships, but as long as it doesn’t take up too much space, I am fine with the relationship stuff. It gives Dick good character development and makes him feel real.

As far as the art goes, most of it looked good and flowed well, but there was an action sequence in the beginning that was a little jarring. Despite that, it was pretty good.

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