Superman #24 Review

The town is under siege by giant bug-like aliens, Lois lost a leg in the battle, pretty much everyone has been captured but Superman and Manchester Black is back. Oh, yea and he has Jon as well. Spoilers ahead!Superman #24
Superman #24 continues the Black Dawn storyline, with some revelations along the way about both Cobb and Kat. Showing their true origins, how they became entangled with Manchester Black and what led them to Hamilton. While they were only looking to protect themselves and the city they live in, they fear that Black has taken it to far. Although the rest of the Super Elite still stand behind Manchester Black. Meanwhile, Superman returns to free Frankenstein, his bride, Batman and Robin to even the playing field. Only to be met by Black and his son Jon.

Superman has been a pinnacle of art in DC Rebirth and it still is 24 issues in. Even with double shipping and tighter deadlines, they have managed to always make the art here rock solid. Mahnke and Gleason continue to impress here with super clean work that is a pleasure to admire. Not only that but looking at the credits on this book and there were 8 people that had their hands on the art on this issue. Everyone really pulled it together and gave us a visually stunning book. Bravo.Superman #24

Superman #24 sets the field for what will be an epic battle in the conclusion of Black Dawn. Pitting Son against Father in the final showdown, against their will of course. Ultimately coming back around to the theme of the arc, should you kill your foes? Is Superman at fault for those that Darkseid kills because he let him live? Is killing crossing a line that you cannot return from? Can you still be a hero with blood on your hands?

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Superman #24
Written by Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Doug Manhke, Patrick Gleason, Jamie Mendoza, Mick Gray, Joe Prado, Wil Quintana, John Kalisz, Hi-Fi, Rob Leigh

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: June 6th, 2017

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