Batman #24 Review

The Button has come to a close, Claire has been saved, and we have The War of Jokes and Riddles on the horizon. Batman #24 comes in as a filler style issue, wrapping up the I am Bane arc and delivering a bombshell at the end. Spoilers ahead!

Opening up this issue we see Catwoman getting ready for the night with Batman and Gotham Girls (Claire) conversation juxtaposed on top. With the rest of the comic flipping back and forth between day and night. While Batman’s and Claire’s conversation takes place during the day it bleeds into the night pages as well. With Claire questioning what she should be now, normal or a hero? Looking to Batman for answers and not getting many. Delving into a deeper discussion on why Batman isn’t happy, despite him trying to be.Batman #24

While this whole conversation is going on with Claire, we see Batman and Catwoman at night together. With a playful chase, in which Bruce is after Selina across Gotham’s rooftops. Drawing back to the previous Catwoman stories in Batman #14 & #15, where ultimately Bruce lets Selina go, hinting at a possible romance. Yet again here we are on a rooftop with Bruce recalling the first time they met. Revealing that he actually bought the diamond that Selina had tried to steal in that encounter. Bruce knew he would need it then just like he needs Selina now. Bruce drops down to one knee and proposes to Selina Kyle.

I’m still not sure on how I feel about this, after reading this issue over and over. While I get how we got here I’m not sure why we are here at all. There is no way Selina will say yes to Bruce here, it’s just not going to happen. With this coming after The Button it feels like an odd reaction to Bruce’s father’s request. With Bruce even saying in this issue that he cannot stop being Batman, he doesn’t know how. Not only that but now we have “The War of Jokes and Riddles” up next taking us all the way to Batman #32. Meaning that the follow up for this cliffhanger won’t come until at least Batman #33, at which point this will be a far gone memory.

Oh, and how can we forget the other unanswered questions here like: what happened to Bane? How about the Robins? What about Bruce’s father’s last request? Are the FBI going to crash the Bat n Cat wedding for you know, all those murders?

The art team on this book was a combination of David Finch and Danny Miki doing the night scenes. Then Clay Mann and Seth Mann doing the day scenes, with Batman and Gotham Girl. With no surprises here David Finch is stellar, continuing his strong streak from the previous run, delivering some astounding pages. On the other side, we have Clay Mann and he shines here as well, standing side by side with Finch’s work, impressive to say the least. It’s really nice to see Mann on more titles as I have enjoyed his work in the past and hope to see more here in the future. Overall the art on this book was one of it’s saving graces, it was so damn pretty to look at.

With everything said and done, this is likely a tease for an upcoming story arc. How Bruce will handle the rejection of Selina and possibly how that all ties into his father pleading with him to no longer be Batman. Either way, we will have to wait for a bit to see any of that pan out.

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Batman #24
Written by Tom King
Art by: David Finch, Danny Miki, Clay Mann, Seth Mann, Jordie Bellaire, Deron Bennett

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: June 7th, 2017

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