Detective Comics #957 Review

Detective Comics #957

Written by: James Tynion V & Christopher Sebela
Art by: Carmen Carnero

The battle with Lady Shiva is over, and a new challenge for the Batfamily is already on the rise. But instead of charging ahead with a new arc, Detective Comics takes a break with an issue all about Spoiler.

Last time we saw Spoiler, she was “grounded” by Batman to give her time to grieve the “death” of Tim Drake and clear her head. However, the events of the Victim Syndicate impacted her and helped convince her that superheroes aren’t helping the world, they’re making it worse. Now, outside of the Batfamily, her mission is to stay two steps ahead of them and ultimately prove they are not needed.


This issue opens with Stephanie deactivating the Bat Signal, which she has been doing for several nights in a row. Soon after she takes out the signal, the villainous Wrath is shown attempting to draw Batman out to challenge him. But instead of Batman showing up to save the day, Spoiler arrives on the scene and makes quick work of Wrath’s goons.

Now, I’m not sure if this takes place during “The Button” or not, but either way Batman doesn’t make a single appearance in this issue. It doesn’t quite add up that Stephanie would be the only vigilante in Gotham City to try to stop Wrath, even if Batman’s not in town. You still have Batwoman, Batwing, Duke Thomas, Azrael, Orphan, and Clayface that you’d think would at least make an appearance on the scene. But, I digress.

Spoiler does efficient work to take out Wrath in a way that makes the cops look like the heroes instead of her. In her mind, this is one more victory in her mission to take superheroes out of the public eye. Her work is so unique and disruptive to “the system”, that she attracts an unlikely persona, who is a known foe to Batman, to her cause. We’ll have to wait and see if this potential new partnership lasts, and ultimately pits the Batfamily in a battle against Spoiler.

To be completely honest,  this issue was filler, and it felt like filler. I opened the book knowing that, and therefore was able to enjoy it for what it was – a story filling in what Spoiler has been up to since we saw her last. It’s made very clear that she’s basically anti-Batman by now, which gets to be a little redundant by the end of the issue. There’s no ground breaking developments or emotional plot twists, but it was entertaining enough to keep my full attention throughout the book. The art was also a highlight for me, as Carnero does a great job creating attention-grabbing panels.

Overall: For a filler issue like this one is, Detective Comics #957 still manages tells an interesting, yet somewhat redundant story about Spoiler’s new perspective on crime fighting. 

6.5 / 10

Recommended if:
– You’ve missed seeing Spoiler around and what to know what she’s up to now
– Seeing Harvey Bullock in any medium brightens your day
– Spoiler is your favorite and you’ll read anything with her in it

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