Underwinter #3 Review

Blood, Traps, sex, violence. All the beautiful things we have to come to expect from this series. There is a recurring nightmare for our musicians that is their lives at the moment. We still aren’t quite sure what is going on this house. There’s obviously something very dark and dangerous. Even talk of the world itself is in danger!

I gotta be honest this issue kinda lost me. I feel like this is where Fawkes will lose audience base. His abstract art and story telling leave a lot to interpretation and guessing. There are times where it’s just not clear what we are supposed to be getting from the individual storyboards. The artwork as always is beautiful but watercolor bleeds together and it makes some of the scenes hard to figure out.Underwinter #3

The first issue in this series was pretty straight forward solid horror territory, issue 2 ventured off a little bit but we got a glimpse at each individual musician, and now we seem to be coming off the rails a bit more. It’s easy to see there is a lot going on in this issue, but I feel like most will struggle with piecing it all together. I certainly hope Issue 4 will get us back on track.

More Info

Reviewed by Shaun
Underwinter #3
Written by Ray Fawkes
Art by: Ray Fawkes, Steve Wands

Published by Image Comics
Release Date: May 24th, 2017

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