Wonder Woman #23 Review

This is it, the conclusion to “The Truth” with everything coming to a head how will Wonder Woman’s origins hash out? Minor spoilers ahead.
Wonder Woman #23

Right away let’s take a second to admire that first page of this issue. My God Liam Sharpe continues to amaze in this series, which should be a surprise to no one.

Wonder Woman #23

Following that Ares begins to explain how he got here. With Aphrodite, his lover being the one that bounded Ares and his never ending madness, giving him peace. Quite literally showing that Love ends the madness of War. Meanwhile, both Phobos and Deimos begin to attack Themyscira in order to find their father. Through a discussion with Ares, Wonder Woman figures out how to solve all of this. In the end revealing the Wonder Woman we all know, love, and have missed so dearly.

The Wonder Woman title in DC Rebirth has been a return to form for a beloved character of the DC Universe. With this closure, she returns with a full Origin tale, that I believe, explains what the New 52 was with minimal retcons. Wonder Woman #23Instead of just wiping the slate clean and saying here is who she is, deal with it, Rucka opted to tell a story. One that was immensely satisfying and will be talked about for years to come. With both a “Year One” and a current day story running side by side. This is by far the most solid DC Rebirth origin to date.

Liam Sharp has been doing a phenomenal job on Wonder Woman this past year and here it is no different. Wonder Woman #23Throughout the issue, you can tell that this was his swan song to Wonder Woman. Sharp’s love for the characters can be felt in every panel, each stroke, with every detail. It is a sad day to see him leave Wonder Woman, as issue #25 will be his last issue on the book. However, I can say with certainty that his work will live on forever and be admired by many for years to come.

While this may not be the ending everyone wanted, in the end, it feels like the one that was truly needed. Closing out Diana from Themyscira forever, as she can never truly return again. Rucka even gives us a tear-jerker with the last page, hitting us with the feels train yet again.

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Wonder Woman #23
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by: Liam Sharp, Hi-Fi, Jodi Wynne

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: May 24th, 2017

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