Mother Panic #7 Review

Violet learns a life she once saved has faced almost certain death yet again, there’s a new killer out there and now she has to take a deep look into her place in Gotham!
Mother Panic #7

There’s a new villain in town, Gotham City’s coroner. We open to find two chalk outlines on the ground, but it’s not a crime scene, not yet. A child is walking with her parents when a man wearing a coroner’s body bag pulls out two guns and shoots her parents, leaving the girl unharmed. Violet seems to be beyond stressed. She is questioning her motives, why she continues to do what she does. If she even makes a difference. While cleaning up the streets she notices something is wrong. Back in her castle, they bring her to the lab to discover one of her implants is failing. The failure is affecting her to the ability to deal with the added weight of her cybernetics. While discussing the issue she is shown a video of the same girl from the beginning of this story, it’s one of the same girls she saved in an earlier issue from the art explosion. She immediately goes to the hospital to get information from this little girl with the intent of putting this killer down fast. Now the search is on.Mother Panic #7

There wasn’t much going on in this issue on the surface, but when you stop and dig into it there really is a lot to take in. We know Violet was damaged severely from her time in gather house. It seems as though in every new issue we get a little more of a glimpse into what they did to the children. Imagine walking down a dark tunnel with a flash light, but the flash light only turns on for a few seconds at a time. They made her what she is. Problem is, she hasn’t quite found her place, yet. She acts cold and chalice but has a soft spot. she has a rage and temperament but can also be patient. Gotham already has a hero, so why does she do what she does? Let’s hope violet can find these answers in future issues.Mother Panic #7

I can’t pinpoint what was so different about the artwork in this issue. It seems sloppy in comparison to the other issues we have seen. Things aren’t as crisp. The darkness and gloom are still present but it feels like it lacks the detail I am used to seeing.  Not the greatest issue overall. But as usual, it’s building up towards something bigger. It’s interesting to watch Violet grow and try and find her place, in this screwed up city. Plus we get to watch her drop F-bombs and beat people up, can’t ask for much more!

More Info

Reviewed by Shaun
Mother Panic #7
Written by Jody Houser
Art by: John Paul Leon, Dave Stewart, John Workman

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: May 24th, 2017

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