Action Comics #980 Review

Things are starting to heat up as the team of supervillains are out to recruit their last member General Zod. With Superman finding his backup Himalayan fortress destroyed will he be able to stop them.
Action Comics #980

Action Comics #980We left off our team of supervillains with Mongul kissing Cyborg Supermans hand in an epic reveal. Superman heads back to his new apartment where Lois is telling Job about their move where he, of course, is not too happy about. Superman, of course, has to make sure his family is safe before trying to locate the team. This tale really is a great read and continues to bring back the 90s feel in an awesome way. The story keeps you guessing and doesn’t overdue it.

We start off with a great cover of General Zod standing in a heap of The Suicide Squad that Zod seems to have taken care of easily, with a sign that reads “Belle Reve”. In this issue there continues to be great panels by Patrick Zircher that go along with Dan Jurgen’s writing.Action Comics #980 As Superman confronts Cyborg Superman and Eradicator the battle begins with some great colored panels. The flashback Black Vault panels really stand out as we see the zombie Kent family.

For a Superman fan that has been away from the comics for far too long, this is an awesome tale to read. It gives you the classic Superman with a little of the new feel to really keep you entertained the entire way through. With this supervillain team, Superman is in for a difficult fight.

More Info

Reviewed by Sam Bajraktarevic
Action Comics #980
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by: Patch Zircher, Hi-Fi, Rob Leigh

Published by DC
Release Date: May 24th, 2017


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