Superman #23 Review

The town has gone crazy capturing everyone except Lois and Clark, with Lois running into Cobb that might change pretty quickly. Meanwhile, there is a mysterious figure that is behind all of it, pulling the strings.
Superman #23

While Superman does find everyone, minus Jon, in some sort of tubes below the town, Lois’s screams call him back to the surface. Finally confronting Cobb and beginning to get to the bottom of this mystery. However, that is interrupted by some rather large alien bugs in town, causing Superman to go and “save the day”. When he arrives to find that other people in the town are of alien descent and have superpowers themselves. While the are able to defeat the bugs, they are killing them and Superman does not approve. In the midst of arguing an explosion causes to serious damage to Lois. All the while someone has Jon and is making him watch all of this in an attempt to teach him a lesson that Superman never would.Superman #23

Throughout this arc, there have been subtle drops here and there about the subject that is front and center on this issue. The villain revealed here (go pick it up to find out who!!) believes that those who are guilty should pay the ultimate price. We saw this pushed by some of the town members in the last issue. Where Superman did not take care of the squid and it almost hurt others because of it. Jon is really on the brink of that now, with him not being able to control his powers fully yet, killing the squid because of his emotional reaction. We all know that killing is not Superman’s style and it is something he will avoid at all costs.

Now the art on this issue has its ups and downs. Some pages are absolute stunners and have amazing detail throughout. Others seem a bit rushed and not quite defined, the later fighting scenes being examples of this. Yet again this can be explained by the bi-monthly publishing schedule, putting a strain on the creative team. With this issue being the second in a row penciled by Mahnke these things can happen. Superman #23However, there is plenty here to love about the art, as every page besides those latter fight scenes is done beautifully.  Mahnke and the art team pull off the darker and more somber tones of this issue with precision, causing some heart-wrenching moments.

The big bad has been revealed and now it’s time to see how this all ends up. With the reveal being an older known villain it will be interesting to see Superman fight him again. With this arc being much darker than the past ones from Gleason and Tomasi, they are doing a stellar job and making Superman a pleasure to read once again.

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Superman #23
Written by Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Doug Mahnke, Jamie Mendoza, Keith Champagne, Hi-Fi, Wil Quintana, Rob Leigh

Published by DC
Release Date: May 3rd, 2017

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