God Country #5 Review

Balegrim has been defeated, with relative ease by Valofax however, this is far from over. As Attum being the stubborn old man, he will have Valofax back at any cost. Besides, he still has one son left, Aristus, the God of War.
God Country #5

With the opening pages, we get a bit of a history lesson inside the God Country universe, showing us how Valofax came to be. At what cost  Also learning more about Attum and why this is so very important to him. Sending his last (maybe?) son to retrieve Valofax from Emmett and return it to him. God Country #5What commences on the following pages can only be described as an absolutely epic battle. In which Valofax chopped a goddamn lightning bolt clear in two, that is a direct quote. Leading to Emmett making a crucial decision and leaving us with quite the teaser as a final page.

Emotions are the core to this title, with face melting epic God battles that shake the earth to its core being the awesome filler. Once again Emmett’s family really brings everything back down to earth. Making this over the top battle hit the feels train pretty quickly. With Roy begging his father to just let this go, as everyone around him is suffering the consequences. Yet without Valofax, there will be no Emmett, for if he returns to the way he was before, Emmett will be just a shell of a man. God Country is deep on so many levels, from the relationships between the characters to the world that exists around them. There is so much to love here.God Country #5

Geoff Shaw and Jason Wordie are at the top of their game here yet again. With the beginning flashback, Wordie’s use of halftones and color palette is a great call back to old school comics. Shaw is able to depict this massively epic battle between Gods to the point where I can feel the action. With windows shattering and the very foundations of the earth shaking, you truly get the sense of that in the art here.

God Country just keeps getting better with every issue, bringing more to the table with each iteration. I’m not sure what string of adjectives I need to use to make everyone read this title, but I’ll keep trying. God Country shatters the very existence of any excuse you have for not reading it, so for God’s Sake go read the damn thing.

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
God Country #5
Written by Donny Cates
Art by: Geoff Shaw, Jason Wordie, John J. Hill

Published by Image
Release Date: May 17th, 2017

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