Batwoman #3 Review

Kate Kane is digging deeper into The Many Arms of Death and is digging up some of her past along the way. With last issues reveal of the creepo twins at the middle of it all, let’s join Julia Pennyworth in some Creepy Twin Bingo as Kate goes to confront them.
Batwoman #3

Starting this issue out we get a flashback to when Safiyah met Tahani, giving us some more backstory on how this all ties together. Flashing back to the current day where Kate has arranged a meeting with the Kali Corporation, thus meeting Elder and Younger, yes those creepy twins. After placing a bug in the room Julia is able to hack into their systems and find out of their master plan for the island. Meanwhile, Kate comes to find out that Safiyah is a Mrs. now, so much for rekindling that love. Also that Safiyah left The Desert Rose to an heir, I bet you can guess who!Batwoman #3

For all of their similarities, both Kate Kane and Bruce Wayne are vastly different in the end. Sure they both have a Pennyworth helping them out back at their respective bases. Both of which are sassy and some of the best comedic relief this side of comic books. However, Kate Kane goes about handling situations very differently from Bruce and her past is clearly more checkered. Bennett and Tynion are clearly tapping into the similarities here, but in this issue, they show how very different they are. How Kate is able to venture into gray areas and not break her code, giving her more options at her disposal. She is willing to bend the lines for the greater good.

As with the previous issue, Epting and Cox prove to be a solid team for this title. Where Epting is able to shift between the creepy twins and action scenes with ease. Batwoman #3But seriously, those twins creep me out each time I see them here, bravo on giving me the heebeegeebees. Then we have Cox’s colors is this issue, with subtle touches of red throughout and the darker scenes are perfectly done here as well.

Batwoman being three issues in has been a great series, standing toe to toe with the other Bat Books out right now. The current arc is just hitting the climax in Batwoman #3 and the conclusion is just around the corner. Do yourself a favor and go read this title, from story to art it’s something everyone needs to see.

More Info

Reviewed by Leina Sallander
Batwoman #3
Written by Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV
Art by Steve Epting, Jeromy Cox, Deron Bennett
Published by DC
Release Date: May 17th, 2017

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