Wonder Woman #22 Review

I have been committing a cardinal sin for the past few months, in that I have not beeing keeping up to date with Wonder Woman. That all ends today as I am completely caught up and we are going to discuss Wonder Woman #22. Along with my undying love for this series so far.
Wonder Woman #22

At first, I thought that alternating between two story lines would get confusing over time. Eventually getting too jumbled and difficult to follow along. However, Rucka along with the two separate art teams have made this experience a pleasure. While The Truth and Godwatch are running next to each other and in different time periods, Rucka weaves these stories together as compliments.Wonder Woman #22 Not only making it a pleasure to read as the come out. But also making the trades read differently and in succession. Having just read The Lies and Year One in trade form then swapping over to the periodicals. I can honestly say both ways were very pleasurable. In periodical form they almost feel like every other issue is a flashback sequence, giving us more light into what is going on, making for some brilliant “ah ha” moments. On the other side, the trades have that effect as well just not as immediate and give the story arc in its full form.

Moving along to the issue at hand (oh so punny!) with Wonder Woman #22. Where seemingly, the first face to face meeting between Diana and Veronica Cale happens. Naturally, Veronica is bidding on Wonder Woman at a charity ball and beats out both Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne. After winning, Veronica suggests that the two take their date immediately as there is no time like the present. Wonder Woman #22Now, of course, this all proves to be an elaborate way for her to spy on Wonder Woman’s lasso. Ending the issue with Wonder Woman warning Veronica that she knows who she is and she will be watching her.

Rucka has done a phenomenal job so far, particularly in the character development area. Making me care about characters that I never thought I would. Taking the would-be villains and truly humanifying them, showing us how Veronica or Barabra got to where they are at. The decisions that they have been forced to make by outside forces, revealing the true villains along the way. Along with making the characters we already loved even deeper than they were before. Making everything in this series just plain better than it was before.

Wonder Woman #22With Nicola Scott working on Year One, they have had artists with similar styles on this title. Andolfo’s pencils really match that aesthetic, with very clean and detailed line work. While this issue is packed with dialogue, the few action scenes it does have are drawn and colored beautifully.

Greg Rucka’s run on Wonder Woman in coming to an end, with only three more issues left for him to pen. So far this is everything I could have hoped for in a Wonder Woman comic, with her returning to her true roots. With the stage set and the story almost finished I will be waiting to see how these two arcs come to an end.

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Wonder Woman #22
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by: Mirka Andolfo, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jodi Wynne

Published by DC
Release Date: May 10th, 2017

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