Power Rangers Series Review – Part One

The recent theatrical release of Saban’s Power Rangers brought something back: my complete obsession with the multi-colored quasi-superheroes that were so dear to my 7 year old self’s heart.  So now that I’m officially a child living in a man’s body, I’ve decided to go through the entire catalog of Power Rangers.  It’s been quite the undertaking and quite monotonous at times.  There have been moments to love, moments to hate and moments that are downright annoying.

This will be a two-part review considering I am only about halfway through the entire series so part two will happen upon completion.  I will just be giving a brief overview of what I’ve seen thus far and why I believe Power Rangers is a series to remembered and cherished among fans of nerdom.

It should be noted that Power Rangers itself is based on, and uses a ton of footage from the Japanese series Super Sentai.  A show that actually used the formula of Toei’s Spider-Man which had very little to do with the Marvel comic apart from using its main character.  Got it?  Ok!  Let’s get to it!

We all know the format of the show by now.  The amount of teenagers varies by season but there are anywhere from 3 to 5 teens chosen to helm ancient powers to protect the world from evil space aliens.  They are given the ability to morph into colorful suits that give them extra strength and abilities.  It’s never really explained whether they’re morphing into some sort of supernatural beings or just getting cool outfits.  Then again, it’s just a kids show, so it doesn’t really matter.

The Rangers almost always defeat the monsters and the monsters almost always grow to huge proportions and start destroying the city in glorious Godzilla fashion.  This, of course, means that our vibrant heroes can call upon their zords.  Or, in layman’s terms: giant dinosaur themed robots!  The zords destroy the monsters and the day is saved.  This literally happens every episode.

I have watched every season from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers(1993) to Power Rangers Dino Thunder(2004) and I will eventually see every episode.  It brings so much joy to my life and I hope others might read this and start enjoying it as well.

There’s a lot of cheese and cringe-worthiness but hidden beneath that is actually some decent writing and character development.  Every time a new season starts, I find myself missing the characters from the previous one but I also end up falling in love with the new ones.

That pretty much wraps up my thoughts but I did want to add some highlights below as well as recommendations if you don’t feel like watching every episode.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

It’s the OG.  The one that started it all.  Technically, it’s probably not the best season but it is the beloved for myself and the majority of fans.

The Introduction of the Green Ranger(and Later, the White)

Tommy Oliver is the greatest ranger of all time.  There’s no question about that.  Everyone wanted to be The Green Ranger when he was introduced but when he became the White Ranger, we felt as though we NEEDED to be him.  The obsession ran deep.

Bulk and Skull

Initially just bully type comic relief characters, Bulk and Skull truly became lovable morons.  Not to mention, their theme song is pure comedy.

Power Rangers Zeo (specifically the Ranger suits)

Zeo is a great season with perhaps a few too many attempts at comic relief.  That being said, The Rangers look amazing!  The Red Ranger is helmet is the coolest in Ranger history as far as I’m concerned.  As a toy collector, it’s probably my most coveted action figure but I haven’t found a good deal on it yet.

Power Rangers in Space

As far as storytelling goes, this is the best season of them all.  It scrapped most of the bad comic relief and delved into darker tones and serious issues.  It seemed as though the series was maturing with its audience.  Sadly, it didn’t last and following season went back to heaping helpings of cheese

Power Rangers Time Force

What Space did for writing, Time Force does for character development.  It brought back the darker tone after two lackluster seasons(Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue) and is to date the only season of Power Rangers that has brought a tear to my eye.  Yeah, I cried during an episode of a children’s program.  I have no shame in sharing such things.

The Return of Tommy Oliver (DinoThunder)

Although he’s only on screen for about half the season, it’s amazing to see the original Green Ranger come back as the new Black Ranger.

Forever Red (Wild Force)

While the season itself isn’t that memorable, this specific episode is amazing.  It brings back every Red Ranger from previous seasons to fight some monsters in space.

Recommended seasons:

  • Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
  • Power Rangers Zeo
  • Power Rangers in Space
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  • Power Rangers Time Force
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  • Power Rangers DinoThunder

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