Savage Things #3 Review

The city is descending into chaos all thanks to the meticulously military trained sociopaths that just want to watch it burn. Able is more than likely the only one that can save it, but will he be able to?
Savage Things #3

In Savage Things #3, we get another glimpse into the training of the recruits as children. The savagery that ensues if you can’t perform, whittling the class down to the elite few. Returning to the city and our main character is trying to stop the impending doom of this city. With almost all of the ways out of the city blocked, panic and fear starts to set in. Traffic jams, chaos and a night time backdrop where will they attack next?  With the first confrontation between Able and Cain, we are sure to see a battle between two elite warriors with a lifetime of familiarity between them. This will truly be a good fight, but who has the better skills?

With such an intense and brutal story the art team manages to keep pace and shine throughout. Depicting chaos, death, and action with ease, making several pages both stunning and gory. The emotional contrast between civilians fears and the sociopaths lack there off are terrifying. Boyd’s colors come as a high point bringing just the right amount of like to such dark situations.

We are halfway through this miniseries and things have really heated up. With Cain and Able face to face, the battle royal is about to ensue. I cannot wait to see how this one goes.

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Reviewed by Chris
Savage Things #3
Written by Justin Jordan
Art by: Ibrahim Mustafa, Jordan Boyd, Josh Reed 

Published by Vertigo
Release Date: May 3rd, 2017

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