Paper Girls #14 Review

In the last issue, the girls were still separated, KJ got future hallucinations from a floating triangle with tentacles, and Dr. Braunstein was caught by some of the locals. With that, we are off to the future!
Paper Girls #14

In Paper Girls #14 we see the continuation of all the stories I mentioned at the front of the review. With the girls all finally meeting back up again and Wari parting ways with the group to avoid the three men. Warning the girls that if they wanted to stay alive they would avoid them as well. However, as they heard the screams of Dr. Braunstein, they just couldn’t resist saving her. With KJ luring them away the group is able to get the Doctor and finally get some answers, well a few vague ones. We do however learn more about that mysterious iDevice they have been carrying around for quite a while now. 

As always Paper Girls continues the themes of woman empowerment and it is a pleasure to see. From Wari talking about traditions where she is to give her child up to the father and how she thinks its “fucking garbage”. To the entirely female cast of characters, including a time traveling Doctor. This book is continually refreshing and so sorely needed in the current landscape of comics. Vaughn has a knack for writing strong female characters and they are all on display here.

Chiang, Wilson, and Cunniffe continue to make Paper Girls visually stunning. Their stylistic choices are what make this comic so great. Paper Girls is one of the few comics out there where you could see the imagery and instantly know what it is. So here we are at another cliffhanger and we will have to wait until next month. So here we are at another cliffhanger and we will have to wait until next month.

Paper Girls is the one comic I can always look forward to and know with certainty that I will not be disappointed. With the girls finally meeting Dr. Braunstein answers are starting to come in. However, as always we are left with a cliffhanger that leaves me wondering if they will be going anywhere anytime soon.

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Paper Girls #14
Written by Brian K. Vaughn
Art by Cliff Chiang, Matt Wilson, Jared K. Fletcher, Dee Cunniffe
Published by Image Comics
Release Date: April 5th, 2016

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