Underwinter #2 Review

As new as this series is to me. Being 2 issues in I have to say this is by far one of my all time favorite comics. When we live in a world where all of our favorite masked crusaders and villains have exploded beyond our wildest dreams you may ask yourself how can that be?
Underwinter #2This is not your typical comic. Be it horror or DC or Marvel, whatever you enjoy. This, in my opinion, is Brilliantly written and drawn a horror masterpiece in the making. Some of the best horror and novels were ever written never showed you the monster. They never revealed the killer. They left a lot up to our own imaginations and that’s what this series has done. Much like the 1st issue, the artwork is simply on point It ranges from beautiful watercolor to very simplistic drawings all drudged in black borders. it really helps set the tone.

This issue dives a little more into the 4 musicians. Each one has broken off into 4 different segments. You are given what felt to me was very little information. You get bits and pieces of their past troubles.. emotional issues and it’s really a tease. It left me wanting so much more. I feel that Fawkes is simply giving us a taste of what is to come. Slow rolling the characters, letting us come to our own conclusions. Underwinter #2Each member of this quartet are well defined there is no mistaking one for the other. This issue feels more like a filler issue. Not as good as the first but it’s very obvious that this issue is building us up for something even better in the next.

The lack of content is made up for by the content we do get. It’s a turtle race until the end and then we get to see the rabbit. I really hope the future releases keep the momentum going and we get to see so much more from our 4 musicians.

More Info

Reviewed by Shaun
Underwinter #2
Written by Ray Fawkes
Art by: Ray Fawkes, Steve Wands

Published by Image Comics
Release Date: April 26th
, 2017

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