Teen Titans Go #21 Review

The team is out cleaning up the streets when Beast boy lets it slip that he has been patiently awaiting the pizza he left cooking behind in Titan tower. HE LEFT THE OVEN ON. We cut to Titan Tower which is now in ruins. The contractor tells robin that it is inhabitable until they make the proper fixes and they are all basically homeless for 90 days. So where will our hero’s lay their heads!?
Teen Titans Go #21

I was hoping they would crash the justice league or something equally amusing. However, they shack up that the jump city motel instead. Luckily, Cyborg and beast boys immaturity spoil their welcome rather quickly. Robin receives a call from the Batman himself. Teen Titans Go #21This confuses me cause he obviously offered them a place to lay their head and it doesn’t go any further than that. WHY!? We see the hotel cut up Robin’s credit card cause they are responsible for all the swift damage caused by Beast boy and cyborg’s shenanigans.

Time to hit the good ole want ads! They catch wind of a reporter looking to rent out his place.. when they arrive in the snowy area it’s none other than Superwoman’s crystal palace! YES! This also doesn’t last long when Beast Boy and Cyborg start playing with the crystals… they leave the Crystal Palace in ruins. I’m starting to think these two need to be out on their own or in a cage somewhere. They aren’t doing the team any favors.

Raven decides to reach out to her father for help, They try Atlantis and several other places leaving each in a fiery ball of ruins. How these teens still have any friends? Teen Titans Go #21Even wonder woman gives them the boot! Robin realizes that the H.I.V.E. tower is now vacant due to them being arrested at the beginning of this issue. the team gathers there and while enjoying some pizza on the couch there’s a knock at the door. Now the team is in jail for trespassing. They can pay the bail, or they can serve their 90-day sentence. Coincidence? ha. The team as a whole decides to just do their time.A wise choice considering everything they just went through and how many people they angered.

This is definitely geared toward the younger crowds and is almost identical to the TV series. I enjoyed it. It has all those little easter eggs and little things that make the true comic fans appreciate them.

More Info

Reviewed by Shaun
Teen Titans Go #21
Written by Ivan Cohen
Art by: Erich Owen, Wes Abbott

Published by DC
Release Date: April 26th
, 2017

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